Our Story

Every young person has first and foremost aim to become a competent and eligible citizen by uplifting the skills development in sound education, trainings, workshops and practical learning for the country and the people.  Bangladesh is a developing country. She is an agro-based country. Besides academic education, the importance of practical education is inevitable. But unfortunately there are very few sectors in training & workshop, for achieving practical and technical knowledge for general people of the districts of south-western part of Bangladesh till now namely the districts in Jessore, Narail, Magura Shatkhira, Jhenidah. Due to lack of technical and practical education sectors at cheap rate they are always migrating to Dhaka the capital city of Bangladesh. Lack of proper learning in skill development youths of these areas are failing to manage their self employment and a large number of youths are getting involved in different types of anti-social activities. Skill development is the only weapon to be qualified and to get jobs in professional world.

Present youths and Children will build the future leadership. It is indeed making a strong chain between skill and merit to enlighten an upright based society. Be self motivated we organized ourselves to change us after considering all opportunities and weaknesses in 2007.  Positive approaches and attitudes of youths and children and their sense development in creativity, we established “Jege Otho”.

The family, society and the whole world are in threat for selfish and conservative thinking of youths at present. That’s why to wake up from mind with positive and broaden mentality Jege Otho is staying at present door. So you awake up from mind, not from bed.

The general intervention strategy in Bangladesh comprises education, skills training, income generation, health support and humanitarian aid components for underprivileged and distressed people, specially women, youth and children. Jege Otho Foundation is always trying to open-up the avenues to expose Bangladeshi youth to the globe while empowering them to face the challenges. As we are in a global village and the world is at our door step, our youth have to have the chance to feel that world’s smell.

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